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Energy Light Rejuvenation™ is the future of skincare technology. Developed from ancient healing traditions, ELR™ is where holistic goes high-tech! Bridging Eastern technique and Western technology, Energy Light Rejuvenation combines Microcurrent with Therapeutic Light and Color to provide a one-of-a-kind rejuvenation treatment that meets your specific needs. ELR™ is the perfect renewal remedy for those who want to hold the hands of time and age at their own pace.

Energy Light Rejuvenation™ Treatments:

Encourage Collagen Production
Smooth Fine Lines & Wrinkles
Firm Skin Tone
Improve Skin Texture
Diminish Blemishes and Breakouts
Minimize Puffiness

  All this without surgery, needles,
redness, flaking, downtime or discomfort!
Inner Balance, Outer Beauty
Microcurrent Facial Rejuvenation
Americans spend billions of dollars on all forms of anti-aging procedures which may include invasive surgical face-lifts, Botox™, chemical peels, dermabrasion, topical serums and many other methods that may have detrimental side effects in the long run.

ELR is a facial rejuvenation system that does not involve surgery or needles.  It offers the advantages of:

No Side Effects
No Pain
No Downtime for Healing

It is the perfect renewal system for those who want to approach beauty from a more holistic and natural perspective. 

ELR is much more than a cosmetic procedure.  ELR™ is a revitalization process for the entire body designed to make you look and feel renewed.
History of Microcurrent Facial Rejuvenation

Microcurrent facial rejuvenation began after a physician treated a client for Bell’s Palsy one-sided facial paralysis with microcurrent. The client came back and asked that the same treatment be done for the other side of her face because she noticed a dramatic difference in her appearance on one side of her face, the one treated with microcurrent. The facial lines were much softer, her skin had a firmer tone and appeared lifted, and her eyes were more open. These results were repeated on the opposite side.  The development of microcurrent facial rejuvenation progressed.
Additional benefits were also occurring beneath the skin. Clients stated they were feeling better, calmer, and had a greater sense of wellbeing!

Microcurrent is electric current in millionths of an ampere. It has the ability to relieve pain, increase the rate of wound healing, increase protein synthesis, stimulate the regeneration of injured tissue and stimulate lymphatic flow.  Microcurrent flows at one millionth of an ampere and is therefore delivered at a scale similar to current the body produces on its own in each cell. 
Microcurrent technology is the core of Energy Light Rejuvenation™. Microcurrent has been used successfully for decades by acupuncturists and other wellness professionals for pain management and the treatment of various medical conditions. It is an extraordinarily effective modality for meridian balancing, healing acceleration and non-needle acupuncture for needle sensitive patients.
  What makes ELR™ different from other facial rejuvenation

Everything! Energy Light Rejuvenation™ stimulates the regeneration of healthy skin tissue by working in harmony with the natural process of the body. ELR™ is holistic and high-tech. The rejuvenation process of ELR™ has no negative side effects- no swelling, redness, numbness or flaking. We only offer the side benefit of feeling as great as you look!

ELR is an effective, natural alternative to a surgical facelift. It involves the use of microcurrent stimulation combined with therapeutic colored light applied in a specific protocol which includes the use of acupuncture points on the face. This system was developed by Dr. Darren Starwynn, an acupuncturist and microcurrent researcher, and a team of health care and aesthetic professionals. ELR works in harmony with the body's natural energy systems. According to Dr. Starwynn, the lifting and rejuvenation effects take place through the adjustment of facial muscle tone, detoxification and cleansing of the skin, and stimulation of the acupuncture meridian system.

By combining specially selected colored light to the correct acu-points of the body, the specific needs of each individual client are effectively addressed. The combination of microcurrent and colored light provides positive and lasting results. According to Dr. Starwynn, "Both microcucurrent and light help restore the energy circulation and communication within the cells of the body. The amount of aging we see in our faces is in direct proportion to the blockage and reduction of this energy communication in our bodies."

What are the expected results?

Most clients notice positive changes in their faces after the first session. A series of sessions is required to re-educate the facial muscles and accomplish rejuvenation of the facial tissues and energy systems.

How many sessions are required for lasting results?

Each person is different, for most clients, 10-20 sessions over a 5 to 7 week period will provide a gratifying, long-lasting effect. Ideal scheduling is:

  • 2-3 sessions the first week
  • 2 sessions in week 2 and 3
  • weekly sessions until the maximum benefit is achieved approximately 10-20 sessions.

Patients under 40 years of age will generally need 10 treatments. Patients over 40 tend to need 15 or 20, depending on skin condition. Patients in their 30's can begin treatment as a preventative measure to slow the aging process; this works on a cellular level to keep the skin healthy. Smokers, drinkers, drug users and sunbathers usually need between 15 and 20 treatments.

How do I maintain the results?
To retain the full benefits, you should receive a maintenance treatment every 4 to 8 weeks after completing the initial series. The frequency of maintenance sessions depends on age and skin condition.  They range from 4 - 10 weeks. 

Additional suggestions for maintenance:
  • Talk to your wellness and health professional about your diet and exercise and discuss healthy lifestyle choices.
  • Drink plenty of water, protect yourself from excessive sun exposure, eat fruits and vegetables high in anti-oxidants!
  • Use proper cleansing, moisturizing and maintenance of your skin. Natural and organic skincare products free from harsh chemicals are recommended.

About our skin care products:
  • The clinic uses the specially-formulated line of Vibrational Beauty™ Skin Renewal products to support the Energy Light Facial Rejuvenation or AcuGems™ I Am Beautiful™ Natural Skincare line to support AcuGems™ treatment effects. It also carries a line of natural, organic, and scientifically developed skincare products for sale from Suki Cosmetics.

  For more information about these products, click on the picture links below:

Factors that Contribute to the Aging Process:
  • Pollution, makeup and/or poor cleansing habits can block pores; use a gentle yet effective cleanser every day. Clean skin is the first step to beautiful skin!
  • The sun provides us with warmth, energy and supplies us with Vitamin D. However, overexposure to the sun can be harmful.
  • Wear sunglasses, a hat and protective clothing when possible, and opt to sit in the shade.
  • Smoking, alcohol, drug use and caffeinated beverages take their toll.
  • Relax! Reducing stress and tension in your life will benefit your mind and body.
  • Sleep well.  Sleep rejuvenates the body and the mind.

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In short, ELR's exclusive combination of microcurrent stimulation and Therapeutic Light and Color (TLC) re-educates facial muscles and addresses the underlying causes of visible aging. This unique, non-invasive, holistic system takes facial rejuvenation to the next level!

Chinese Medicine has 12 primary meridian pathways with corresponding acupuncture points, distributed throughout the body and connected to each organ system. The face has direct meridian connections to 8 of the major meridians of the body, such as: Stomach, Urinary Bladder, Large Intestine, Small Intestine, and Gall Bladder. The Facial Rejuvenation protocol regulates the flow of energy (qi) and removes blockages in the meridians (channels of qi and blood) to improve overall health and restore balance to the body. This constitutional treatment is also able to address underlying causes, like digestive problems, hormonal imbalance and emotional stress, which become reflected in the face through dark circles, dry or lusterless skin, sagging skin, drooping eyelids, blemishes and excessive wrinkling.

How does it work?
What is Microcurrent?
The Acutron Mentor machine delivers gentle microcurrent and therapeutic light for facial rejuvenation.
              Water                            Earth                           Metal                         Fire                                   Wood

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I Am Beautiful™
skincare products are used in the AcuGems™ facial rejuvenation treatments.

These dermatologist and scientifically developed beauty products are manufactured with organic fresh fruit, healthy vegetables, anti-oxidants, essential oils, high-grade gemstones and rich botanical extracts.

I Am Beautiful GEM skincare not only makes your skin glow, but natural energy derived from gemstones also enhances your skin from the inside out.

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What to Expect in an ELR Facial Session
Each facial rejuvenation session lasts about 1 hour and 15 min.

You will begin the session by washing your face, removing makeup and impurities with a special
cleanser provided for you.

Phase I: Sliding and Circulation
  • Either a gel or hydrosol will be applied to your face.
  • Microcurrent probes with a beneficial color light will be stroked in a sliding motion over your face, neck, and hairline increasing circulation and bringing energy to your face.
  (See video link for a demonstration)

Phase II: Holding and Muscle Toning
  • The probes will be held in various positions on your face, neck and hairline.
  • Facial muscles will be toned and lifted using gentle microcurrent and holding positions.
  • Meridians on the face will be treated through stimulation of acupuncture points.

Phase III: Mask
  • A mask will be chosen for your skin type (mudd, amber coffee, or dead sea miracle noir mask)
  • The mask is applied to your face for up to 5 minutes while you receive a scalp massage.

Phase IV: Opening the Pores
  • Your facial pores will be opened with outward strokes from polarized probes of gentle microcurrent

Phase V: Facial Massage
  • You will receive facial massage as anti-aging skincare product (chosen according to your skin type) is applied to your face.
  • Facial massage may include a variety of modalities including acupressure, ayurvedic and/or lymphatic drainage massage according to your needs.

Phase VI: Closing the Pores
  • Absorption of anti-aging product (including collagen, etc.) will be enhanced and sunk into your skin during the polarized gentle microcurrent probe treatment
  • Your pores will be closed.

Phase VII: Bar Probes
  • Your neck and jowls will be targeted as specialized bar probes glide up and down your neck and jawline
  • Your cheeks will be lifted using the specialized bar probes

Phase IX: Jade Roller
  • Your face will be treated with a Jade Roller, specialized in cooling the face, closing pores and rejuvenating the skin.

The session will end with acupressure massage on certain acupuncture points that ground the
client and help integrate the facial treatment into the body.

Jade Roller

Used by Chinese 
empresses since the
12th century

The Jade roller cools and smooths skin, improves circulation, increases oxygen flow, relieves puffiness and enhances skin elasticity.

NEW! Introducing AcuGems™ Facial Rejuve
Acugems is an innovative, and highly effective, method for facial and whole-body rejuvenation that uses a synergistic combination of healing gemstones, microcurrent stimulation and various colors of visible light, in conjunction with specialized AcuGems™ I Am Beautiful™ skin care products. It uses ELR™ technology to firm and rejuvenate the skin, then takes it to another level by harnessing the healing power of gemstones such as diamonds, emeralds, sapphires and tourmaline through microcurrent and color light vibration.


Energy Light Rejuvenation (ELR) 1 hour 15 min. $90
Acugems Facial Rejuve                1 hour 15 min. $110


Intake, first appointment                       1.5 to 2 hours  $ 90
Consecutive appointments                  1 to 1.5 hours  $ 65


Facial Treatment of Choice (see above listings) plus acupuncture:
Price of facial treatment + $45


ELR                    10 sessions$ 750      ($ 75 per treatment)
ELR                     5  sessions$ 850      ($ 85 per treatment)
Acugems           10 sessions$ 900      ($90 per treatment)
Acugems     5  sessions       $ 500      ($100  per treatment)


Take $15 off the
first $90 treatment

Discounted rates
for 5 or 10 series
of Package