Kauai Five Element Acupuncture
  Treatment Modalities Include...
(but are not limited to)

  • Classical Five Element Acupuncture
Diagnosing and correcting the root cause of
imbalance within the body, mind and spirit.
Treatment involves the use of natural laws in
acupuncture to restore harmony and balance
to the individual.

  • Chinese Herbal Medicine
An ancient Chinese healing art passed down
over the past 5,000 years. If necessary, the
patient is given an herbal formula that contains
a synergistic combination of herbs to address
individual concerns. Herbs may be taken in
granulated powders, pills or a decoction may
be made from loose herbs.

  • Medical Qigong
An ancient and effective form of Chinese
energetic medicine. Clients may also be
prescribed some Qi Gong exercises. These
consist of slow exercise movements combined with the breath
to balance and harmonize the flow of qi through the body and

  • Moxibustion
Artemesia vulgaris latiflora is an herb rolled into a small cone,
placed on the skin and ignited to smoldering prior to needling.
It contains regenerative properties far deeper than mere
physical warming. Done before needling, it enhances the
movement of energy.

  • Dr. Tan's Balance Method
The Dr. Tan Balance Method is a style of acupuncture well-
known for highly effective treatments utilizing points distal to
the site of injury (often on the limbs) and the fewest needles
possible. Renowned for quick results in the treatment of
pain, the Balance Method is equally effective in treating issues
of internal medicine.

  • NADA Protocol / Auricular acupuncture
NADA treats addictions, stress, anxiety and improves sleep
by calming the nervous system and releasing endorphins.
(for further information see the Association's website):

  • Needle-less Acu-Treatment
Don't worry if you dislike needles! There are a variety of
methods available to stimulate the acupuncture points without
the use of needles. Some of these methods include micro-
current and/or micro-light stimulation, moxibustion, essential
oils, meridian balance with sound frequencies (tuning forks),
acupressure and medical qigong. I currently use a combination
of these modalities in a treatment session.

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